Which colour tiles to choose

Choosing tile colours

The tiles you use in your home will help you to create a more attractive interior, whether you are working on a bathroom, a bedroom, a kitchen or another area of the home. the tiles you choose will help to bring out the colour of your home.

Light coloured tiles

The colour of tiles can be a great way to make a room feel bigger or smaller, depending on the room and the size of the room.

Neutral coloured tiles

Pro-tip: The colour of the walls and ceiling in your new home should be neutral.

Dark coloured tiles

A bathroom can be a great place to start if you want to create a more modern look, but you don’t have to go all the way to the finished product, as we’ve seen in this article.

Dark colours can be used to create a more subdued look in a room, such as in a dining room.

Patterned tiles

Patterned tiles can be great for a splash of uniqueness. They can form part of an eye-catching feature wall, or really create a ‘pop’ effect compared to single-coloured tiles.

If you’re planning to create a new home, don’t let the colour of the tiles or the wallpaper keep you from creating a wow factor. I’m looking at you, the tiles. and the flooring in your home.

Brightly coloured tiles

Bright tiles can help create contrast. The best way to do this is to add a different colour to the existing tiles, or to make a whole room look different to the outside.