How to Choose a Kitchen Tile Backsplash

Kitchen tiles backsplash

Are you overwhelmed deciding what’s suitable for your kitchen backsplash because of the seemingly endless kitchen backsplash tiles in the market?

You have chosen your kitchen cabinets and countertops but your blender keeps your walls slimy, messy and spotty with a myriad of colors.

Water inevitably splashes on your walls, or food bubbles while cooking.

You are worried about your new kitchen wall paper getting ruined or your kitchen paint damaged.

Well, let’s solve that crisis once and for all and help you design your bespoke kitchen that you deserve right?

Material choices


Image credit by Raquel Janes

The popular types are glass, stainless steel, pressed metal and tiles.

For a traditional look, tiles or pressed metal can do the trick. Consider the cleaning aspect while choosing.

Mosaic tiles are amazingly beautiful and classy but may hinder your cleaning.

This is due to their additional joints equating to more grouts to clean.

A contemporary and a polished look will be complemented by glass. The advantage is that you can easily color match with your kitchen countertop, kitchen drawers or kitchen floor tiles to create a synchrony.

Glass is the easiest to clean and its reflective quality is a bonus. Pressed metals are expensive and require maintenance.

Stainless steel is durable, easy to clean and stunning but is prone to scratching.

Tiles are the best suitable materials to select from as they are budget-friendly and with a range in design scope.

Spruce that color


Image credit by Marina Del Ray

Deciding on what you want your center stage to be is key. It can be your kitchen counter top or your cabinets.

However, if you have already chosen your countertop color, you may have slim chances of selecting different colors.

Regardless of the selected color on your countertop, a subtle or minimalist color hue on your kitchen backsplash can reduce drawing attention.

A neutral color embellished with a pendant lighting will add flair to your kitchen.

You can choose similar tones with your countertop or a contrasting color for a dramatic and bold look.

Suitable suppliers


Image credit by Alenior Ruica

Your backsplash can be either affordable or expensive depending on your supplier.

It is wiser shopping around before deciding on where to purchase your backsplash.

Before choosing your suppliers, consider the materials in your spaces such as paint swatches, cabinetry chips, tapware finishes and hardware like door handles and cabinet knobs.

When you decide on colors consider different shades of that particular color so as to select the right undertones.

While selecting your design, you can experiment with either dark, light, smooth, hard, metallic, matt, curved or angular.

Your budget


Image credit by Shelby Rodgers

We all get uncomfortable with the B word when it comes to shopping, how about we change the story?

You may have an amazing design choice and want that luxe look without compromising your finances for other set plans.

Shopping experience can be made better by getting several quotations beforehand, then consider the best choice in terms of durability, quality, color and your preference.

Review, review, review and refine 


Image credit by Norma Hillock

Select items that you love rather than what’s trendy or what your friends chose.

You will own the space for the rest of your living and a little comfort and assertiveness to your preference can go a long way.

Tiny tweaks such as how your tiles are laid, the indifference with your rugs, the colors or grout cleaning and luster on your walls can change how you perceive your space.

So, take your time and review your items and aspirations before choosing your kitchen backsplash.


Looking at inspirational home expos can attract you to a particular interior style such as contemporary or traditional.

Current backsplashes have become a brilliant accent to the most trafficked room in the house, your kitchen of cos.

Ideally, they can round up your spaces with outstanding textures, colors and design patterns.

It is always a good idea to choose a design that compliments your countertop and cabinets.

Consider materials that are easy to clean and sanitize yet affordable with minimal maintenance costs such as tiles.